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Welcome to Kiddies’ World and English PlaySchool, the first English language school in La Coruña, dedicated exclusively to children and adolescents!

We opened our doors in September 1992 to provide lessons in English as a second language. We are the pioneers in this initiative and we would even go as far as to say that we were the first in Galicia to offer this, as at that time this type of specialist academy did not exist. In the beginning it was difficult to instil in people the importance of teaching English to youngsters from a very young age but as time has passed, an ever increasing number of teaching professionals and people in general have joined us in our initiative. Twenty-five years on, our growing popularity and success in this linguistic area, as well as our reputation as the best in this field, supports this. We have a lot of experience in this specialism and we remain unsurpassable in what we do and achieve.


Our premises in Juan Flórez are spread over three floors for maximum comfort. ‘Kiddies' World’ is on the ground and first floors where we give entertaining, enjoyable and fun lessons in the mornings and in the afternoons to pre-school pupils from the age of eighteen months, to children aged seven years old. On the second floor you will find ‘English PlaySchool’ designed for students from seven to eighteen years of age. This allows for brothers and sisters who want to come to class together at the same time, under the same roof and each be taught in a group appropriate to their age and level.


Morning classes are from Monday to Friday and the afternoon classes are between 16:00 and 21:00 hours. The earliest classes are for the youngest students whilst the older kids can attend lessons until 9 o’clock in the evening.


From the first day, the students experience a total immersion in our language. All verbal communication is carried out in English while taking into account the academic and emotional needs of each child. In order to successfully learn a foreign language it is also important to understand and know about the culture behind it and this is something that is very present in our teaching. A continuity in attendance empowers the students who embark on their ‘English language learning journey with English PlaySchool and start with little or no knowledge of English, the ability to leave English PlaySchool years later and go on to University being bilingual in both English and Spanish as well as achieving the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). All of our students learn English in an entertaining and interactive way where they feel motivated and confident in themselves because they see their progress daily. Their great efforts are reflected in their fantastic results at all levels with their Cambridge University exams which are recognised worldwide. Whether or not they choose to sit the official exams, we give each one of our students our full commitment and with the collaboration of parents we always fulfil both our expectations and theirs.


-Pioneers from the year 1992, teaching English exclusively to children and adolescents from the age of eighteen months to eighteen years in the most fun and entertaining way.


- Only academy in Galicia to teach students aged between eighteen months and eighteen years which includes a total immersion in English from two hours weekly to four hours daily.


- Optimum results in the official exams from the worldwide prestigious Cambridge University, offered by English PlaySchool which is an authorised exam centre, obtaining the best results in FCE, PET and KET with ‘Merits’ and ‘Distinctions’ awarded in all three levels amongst our fourteen to eighteen year old students.


- Glowing and outstanding results for our seven to twelve year old pupils in the ‘Young Learners’ exams: Flyers, Movers and Starters. Year after year we surpass our expectations and secure the best results in all our exams thanks to the hard work of our teachers and students.


- Once again we are proud of the excellent exam results achieved in June 2017 and our congratulations go to our students for all their hard work, and also to their parents for entrusting us with an important part of their children’s education. We are very grateful and proud of what we have all achieved as a team - the teachers, parents and the students.


This is our guarantee of quality and success!


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