Initiate your child in English from the nursery age of eighteen months until their admission to University at the age of eighteen. Guarantee them a continuity in their learning.

Our methodology is innovative and dynamic and is carried out by native teachers who are pedagogically trained to deliver maximum quality teaching and to developing the knowledge and understanding of our students.

We base our methodology at English PlaySchool on the four linguistic skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. We place most emphasis on the first two skills in order to develop the last two after having reached an optimum level of comprehension and oral interaction.

From the age of eighteen months, our young pupils experience a total immersion which could result in them becoming bilingual from a very early age provided there is continuity in attendance and therefore exposure to the English language.

Three academies in the same building for the added convenience of those with siblings: ‘Kiddies World’ on the ground and first floors for pupils aged between eighteen months and seven years and on the second floor ‘English PlaySchool’, for students aged between eight and eighteen years.



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